Latest project

Sound System I
(Originally released 8 January 2015)

Make sounds! Are they music?! Who even knows what music is these days?! And what would John Cage say?! Maybe he’d just be silent and let the universe speak for him! Zing!

In progress

The Artist Is Present
(Port to JavaScript in progress)

I’m currently porting my Flash game The Artist Is Present from ActionScript 3.0 with Flixel over to JavaScript with Phaser 3. In the end it will be exactly the same, with the important difference that it will actually work in modern browsers.

v r $4.99
(In progress)

I’m working on the next game in my v r series. This one is an exhibition/showroom of 3D models from the Unity Asset Store that cost exactly $4.99 each.

The Stuff Games Are Made Of
(In progress)

I’m in the process of writing a book for The MIT Press about experimental game design seen through the perspective of the materials of game creation. I’ve been writing about everything from computation to user interfaces to time. Check out the the stuff games are made of tag to see the games discussed in the book.