b r 3


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There are 1.8446744e+19 possible 8x8 one bit images! But only some of them look like water! Here are 24 of them! Hand crafted, refreshing water! Everywhere! But not a drop to drink!

b r 3 is a remake of my water gallery v r 3 in the Bitsy game maker.

Features water from: Fred Bednarski’s The World Has Been Sad Since Tuesday, halkon’s Everything Must Fall, mark wonnacott’s Flotsam, eevee’s sandcastles, chiropteram’s The Thing in the Lake, Candal’s Seven Simple Wonders, ruin’s fiddler’s island, summer 2016, Adam Saltsman and bexsaltsman’s Princess Peppercorn’s Pug Plan, lunafromthemoon’s Stranger Point, porpentine charity heartscape’s almanac of girlswampwar territory & the _girls who swim as fertilizer through the warm soil cloaking the roots of the glorious tree of eugenics (giving birth to a black hole in a walmart parking lot at 1am) (water by Ada Rook), onion’s racing…, Fladagus’s Apology Quest, Josefsen’s Lakewood Forest, LostTrainDude’s When I was a bubble I could talk with the trees, efreeteater’s Eggway Dreams, papercookies’ Talkative Plants, ducklingsmith’s Zelda? I Hardly Knew ‘Er, Emma Dee’s Randy G.’s Wild n’ Wacky Beach Adventure, Laiska’s an evening stroll, Juliette Amorati’s Once I was an Egg, Elijah One’s Stream Explorer!, Twisted Tree’s Silverybield Foss, Claire Morely’s Breathe in, and cecile richard’s beachcombing.


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All waters used belong to their respective authors. b r 3’s generator is open source software licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. You can obtain the source code from its code repository on GitHub. Bitsy itself is a separate entity, you can check out its code repository on GitHub.