The Stuff Games Are Made Of
(In progress)

I’m in the process of writing a book for The MIT Press about experimental game design seen through the perspective of the materials of game creation. I’ve been writing about everything from computation to user interfaces to time. Check out the the stuff games are made of tag to see the games discussed in the book.

Les grands classiques de l’horreur en mots cachés
(with Jonathan Lessard)

Retellings of the stories of Dracula, Frankenstein, and more in the form of “word find” puzzles. Each chapter of each book is represented as a word find with specific key words plus a secret message at the end! In French. Created with Jonathan Lessard.

How to Play a Video Game

My 2010 book exploring the world of videogames from the perspective of a creative player and asking what makes them so interesting outside the most obvious factors such as engagement, immersion, and so on. Each chapter is a deep dive into a specific idea such as genre, control systems, avatars, and more.