It is as if you were doing paperwork

Welcome to It is as if you were doing paperwork, a game of doing relentless amounts of paperwork to try to capture that illusive feeling of easy productivity. The game was developed as a part of the VAC's "What Are the Rules?" festival in Moscow.

During the festival the game was presented alongside a truly elaborate office setup complete with staff to do employee intake, a person to play the boss, and even a water cooler, but below you'll find a paperwork generator along with some suggested equipment and approaches to playing the game.

Paperwork generator

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Thoughts on play


At a minimum to play this game you will need:

  1. A pen
  2. An APPROVED stamp (or similar)
  3. A REJECTED stamp (or similar)
  4. An desk tray for ingoing and outgoing paperwork
  5. A wasterpaper basket
  6. A boss (who you can show paperwork to)

You might also want to consider some "flavour" equipment like:

  1. A desk
  2. One of those green accountancy visors
  3. Some kind of office environmental ambience
  4. At most two personal items for your desk
  5. A nearby water cooler
  6. An obnoxiously loud clock
  7. One more more co-workers

Playing the game

After distributing sufficient paperwork to all workers, sit down and follow the instructions. Repeat until satisfied. If you run out of paperwork, you know where to come for more.