Let’s Play: The Shining


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Originally released on 22 April 2015, Let’s Play: The Shining is based on Stanley Kubrick’s movie The Shining, which was in turn based on Stephen King’s book The Shining. It was written in Haxe using the HaxeFlixel library. The music and sound effects in Let’s Play: The Shining were made with a combination of bxfr, Bosca Ceoil, and Audacity. The graphics were made in Pixen.

In June of 2022 I was finally able to convince HaxeFlixel to rebuild the game as a browser-friendly HTML5 version. Nice!


Let’s Play: The Shining was covered on Kill Screen, A. V. ClubMadmoizelle, Warp Door, FREEINDIEGA.ME,  iHorror.com, Forest AmbassadorGames RadarInternational Business Times, and Madmoizelle.


It has also been exhibited at GAMERZ 2015 (here is a video of that).



Let’s Play: The Shining is an open source game licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. You can obtain the source code from its code repository on GitHub.