What We Did
(with Rilla Khaled, originally released 3 February 2015)

They know what we did. What do we do now?

Jostle Parent
(Originally released 10 April 2015)

Won’t someone think of the children!? They need food! They need play! They need not to drown! They need not to be electrocuted! Do something for crying out loud! Jostle them!

Let's Play: The Shining
(Originally released 22 April 2015)

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! All work and no pllay makes Jack a dull boy! All work and no play makes Jaca dyll boy! All work and no play makes Jack a dullboy! All work and no plaay makes Jack a dull boy!

Let's Play: Ancient Greek Punishment
(Originally released 30 November 2011)

You can do it Sisyphus! Be the boulder! Keep on rollin’! Don’t stop! Never give up! No retreat! No surrender! No end in sight! Just delicious Greek torment as far as the eye can see and as fast as the fingers can type!

v r $4.99
(In progress)

I’m working on the next game in my v r series. This one is an exhibition/showroom of 3D models from the Unity Asset Store that cost exactly $4.99 each.

The Artist Is Present
(Port to JavaScript in progress)

I’m currently porting my Flash game The Artist Is Present from ActionScript 3.0 with Flixel over to JavaScript with Phaser 3. In the end it will be exactly the same, with the important difference that it will actually work in modern browsers.

(Originally released 11 April 2012)

Bip! Bip! Bip! Boop! Everyone loves PONG! So everyone loves thirty six PONGS even more! Work those learning muscles with EDUTAINMENT PONG! Get serious with SERIOUS PONG! Shoot a laser gun in LASER PONG! Play PONG in PONG PONG! And many more!